Respiratory Tissue States

The flu is pretty bad here in the Czech Republic. I guess it’s a bad flu everywhere this year.

My husband and I finally succumbed this week.

I haven’t been this sick in years.

It started with fatigue, The next day came aches and a fever (38.7+ or 101.6+). Then a bad cough that leaves you sore. Then the typical cold symptoms, stuffy head etc…

I don’t normally take days off for sickness. Every year, I am only sick one or two days tops. This one will see me at home for 4 days. Probably going back to work before I should. My husband is in bed with a fever as I type this. (Update: My oldest daughter just fell to it, in bed just now with a fever.)

The fever we support with our Fever Doctor Tea . This helps the fever to do its job while relieving pain as well as having anti-viral actions.

Soreness I relieve with cayenne pepper salve.

But, when the virus invades the respiratory tract, what can we do?

It all depends on the tissue states.

Plants have their own energetics: hot, dry, cool and moist. You notice this organically when you eat a cool and refreshing cucumber on a hot summer day or reach for warm and spicy ginger tea in the winter. According to your current energetics, herbs of complementary energetics should be used thus bringing the systems into homeostasis, balance.

Respiratory Tissue States

Hot/Dry Tissue State

Respiratory tract: red and parched

Throat/sinuses: inflamed and tight

Breathing/swallowing: difficult

Eyes: may be red

Sweating: little to none

Cough: dry and unproductive

Mucus: sticky, yellow or brown

Pain: possible in lungs or throat

Cravings: cold drinks

Choose: Cool and moist herbs in tea and steams

Violet, marshmallow, plantain and mullein

For my dry cough I used the Stings and Bites Salve as a chest poultice and my super moistening Cough Be Gone Tea.


Hot/Moist Tissue State

Tongue: inflamed, may have yellow/orange coat

Throat/tonsils: inflamed and red

Sinuses: may be runny or yellow

Fever: may be present, sweating

Cough: wet cough

Mucus: excessive, clear or yellow

Choose: Cool and dry herbs 

Usnea, horehound, eucalyptus, mint, red clover

For my wet cough I use the Red Clover Tincture as an anti-tussive and the Clear Chest Salve as a chest poultice and Fever Doctor Tea.


Cold/Dry Tissue State

Mouth/tongue: pale and dry

Breathing: wheezing

Swallowing: difficult

Expectorating: difficult

Mucus: clear and white, if present

Pain: dull in chest/throat possible

Cravings: hot liquids

Other: may feel cold/chills

Choose: Warm and moist herbs in hot tea and steams

Licorice, elecampane, cinnamon, fenugreek, fennel and elderberry

For my dry and cold state I use Elderberry Syrup as a tonic and Calendula Salve as a chest poultice.


Cold/Moist Tissue State

Tongue: pale, wet, frothy, moist

Cough: productive, wet

Mucus: white

Pain: dull in chest

Cravings: heat

Other:  cold/chills

Choose: Warm and dry herbs

Ginger, thyme, sage, rosemary, hyssop and bee balm

For my wet cough I use Thyme Cough Syrup  and Sage Salve as a chest poultice and Ginger Tea with Hyssop.

6 Comments on “Respiratory Tissue States

  1. Yuck. No flu here, but everyone at work had that nasty cold, including some who use immunity boosting herbs. We were just talking about planting some of the native blue elderberries around our shop because I happen to have a few young ones growing.


    • I’ve got the whole family down with the flu now. It’s like a hospital at my house. Great thing is, I’ve got everything I need here in my herbal apothecary…for now. We’ll see how it goes. This flu has been putting people in the hospital in our city.
      As far as elder goes, we have it everywhere around us. I feel pretty lucky to have access to it all around our forest.

      Liked by 1 person

      • One of my colleagues will be taking some of my young plants because they have none on their property. It will be nice to have them closer to home. I am pleased that people can use our local natives like more traditional fruits, vegetables and herbs.


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