Ladybugs Gone Wild!

This year, after a year of dedicated bio gardening, the ladybugs have returned with a vengeance. It’s like Nature is helping me out; I don’t poison, and she sends me the bugs I need instead.

The ladybugs have taken up residence in my tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) plants.

They spend their days eating aphids…and getting it on…I have never seen such obscene behaviour, even on a nature documentary. If you are of the ilk with more delicate sensibilities, hide your eyes….



6 Comments on “Ladybugs Gone Wild!

  1. We can still get the ladybugs in the nursery, but they do not bother to stay where they are put. Do they just come out of their containment and leave their eggs in the garden before going on their way? I never notice the juvenile ladybugs, but I am not looking for them either.


  2. I have also noticed an increased level of ladybugs this year as well….. but I have not noticed any aphids. The increase must be due to another condition.


  3. We have juveniles in our living room for some reason…I’m putting them out on the tansy as I see them. There’s a lot of nature all over the place…


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