Month: February 2018


Plantago ssp Common Name: plantain, white-man’s footprint, waybread, Englishman’s foot, fleawort, ribwort   Family: Plantageinaceae TCM Name: Che Qian Cao Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: Leaves and seeds Native To:  Europe and Asia   Medicinal Notes “And you, Waybread, mother of herbs, Open from the east, mighty… Continue Reading “Plantain”

Natural Deodorant

I’m trying to treat my skin well. Not just because I am getting older, although I am…no stopping that process, but to maintain my health from the inside out and outside in. Recently, I have noticed that my typical deodorant bought at the drugstore… Continue Reading “Natural Deodorant”

Basic Body Wash

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. Imagine that everything rubbed on our skin is actually being ingested by our body. Would you change some of your beauty products if you had to eat them? Obviously, we don’t need to eat soap (unless we… Continue Reading “Basic Body Wash”