Month: June 2018

Bee Hotel

My husband and I were in a meadow harvesting St John’s Wort when we happened upon this bee hotel. Foxglove, you make an awesome restaurant/accomodation for my fuzzy friends!

Herbal How To: St John’s Wort

St John’s Wort is a tricky one. It is so beautiful with its sunny yellow flowers, perforated leaves and unique purpley-red dye that stains your fingers when the buds are squished. We use St John’s Wort as an anti-anxiety/anti-depressant remedy “sunshine in a bottle”,… Continue Reading “Herbal How To: St John’s Wort”

An Herbalist’s Toolbox: Vacuum Sealer

While none of these tools in my Herbalist’s Tool Box are necessary, there are many (all of them, really) that make a big difference to the quality of processing and the efficiency/convenience when having to make bigger batches or process a bulk of herbs.… Continue Reading “An Herbalist’s Toolbox: Vacuum Sealer”

Ladybugs Gone Wild!

This year, after a year of dedicated bio gardening, the ladybugs have returned with a vengeance. It’s like Nature is helping me out; I don’t poison, and she sends me the bugs I need instead. The ladybugs have taken up residence in my tansy… Continue Reading “Ladybugs Gone Wild!”

Herbal Workshop: Nature Walk

  My first Nature Walk was a great success. My fellow Herbal Warriors and I had a great time together identifying medicinal plants and then making infused oils.       After spraying ourselves with Leave Me Alone! Insect Repellent (and some tick spray… Continue Reading “Herbal Workshop: Nature Walk”