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Muddy Buddies

Every time I want to clean my face, here’s how it goes: I squeeze some gel from a plastic bottle and wash my face. Then, I squeeze some face scrub out of a plastic tube and exfoliate my face. After my shower, I take… Continue Reading “Muddy Buddies”

Beauty Tip: Under Eye Dark Circles

A friend of mine asked me to help her with an herbal remedy for her under eye dark circles. This was a new request and I was excited to dig into some research in order to help my friend. I read up on ways… Continue Reading “Beauty Tip: Under Eye Dark Circles”

Natural Deodorant

I’m trying to treat my skin well. Not just because I am getting older, although I am…no stopping that process, but to maintain my health from the inside out and outside in. Recently, I have noticed that my typical deodorant bought at the drugstore… Continue Reading “Natural Deodorant”

Scutellaria baicalensis: help for problem skin

My daughter came home the other day with a new, expensive face cream to help with skin outbreaks. It costs about 20 USD for a 50 ml tub. The active ingredient is Chinese Skullcap Scutellaria baicalensis root powder. I make my own face washes and… Continue Reading “Scutellaria baicalensis: help for problem skin”

Poppy Seed Oil

Recently, I have written about makeup removal using olive oil. It has been working great and I truly believe that I won’t be buying makeup remover again. On our trip to Kiev, my husband had a business meeting with a partner in the company… Continue Reading “Poppy Seed Oil”

Olive Oil: Natural Makeup Remover

Two days ago, we ran out of makeup remover. I buy the normal kind you can get anywhere. It’s a name brand, expensive and half-blue, half-clear liquid. It works well and I never thought about using anything else, until yesterday. I was trying on… Continue Reading “Olive Oil: Natural Makeup Remover”