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Herbal How To: Decanting a Tincture

I have a cold. It seems like everyone around me does. I’m not really that sick, but it is quite annoying what with my head all stuffed up and my strength waning afterr getting up to make myself tea. So, I reached for my…

Herbal How To: Making an Herbal Salve

  Herbal How To: Making an Herbal Salve Fungi Foe (anti-fungal salve) You will need: oregano and calendula oils; beeswax; tea tree, lavender and red thyme essential oils; jars 1. Strain and measure out the oils 2. Heat oils in a double boiler 3….

Herbal How To: Chamomile-Infused Almond Oil

How to make Chamomile Infused Almond Oil: 1. You need chamomile flowers, a jar and some freshly pressed almond oil (this oil comes from my friend Alex in Ukraine) 2. Grind the flowers up (I used my juicer) 3. Fill the jar up halfway…