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Breathe Easy Tea

Summer’s here and with it comes sunshine, holidays as well as a few unexpected issues. You’d think that allergy season would have subsided. Not here though, I still see so many people walking around sniffling with red, watery eyes. Then there is the issue… Continue Reading “Breathe Easy Tea”


 Achillea millefolium Common Name: bloodwort, common yarrow, carpenter’s weed, knight’s milfoil, noble yarrow, old man’s pepper, nosebleed and staunchgrass.   Family: Asteraceae TCM Name: Ya Luo Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: leaves, flowering tops, roots Native To: Northern Hemisphere Medicinal Notes “Thou pretty herb of Venus Tree Thy… Continue Reading “Yarrow”

Yarrow Healing Powder and Anti-Flu Tea