Month: October 2017

Acupuncture: But, I hate needles!

Due to the worsening of my daughter Rebekah’s illness and the unnecessary amount of stress at my work, I have not felt well, mentally or physically, for a long while. Although I’m on a regular dose of St John’s Wort, a stress reducing tea… Continue Reading “Acupuncture: But, I hate needles!”


  Tanacetum parthenium Common Name: Feverfew, bachelor’s button, febrifuge plant, wild chamomile, wild quinine   Family: Asteraceae TCM Name: Xiao bai ju Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: Flowers and (primarily) leaves  Native To: Balkan peninsula Medicinal Notes Feverfew is often cultivated in gardens for ornamental purposes. It… Continue Reading “Feverfew”


Arnica montana  Common Name: Arnica, leopard’s bane, wolfsbane, mountain tobacco   Family: Asteraceae TCM Name: N/A Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: Flowers Native To: Europe Medicinal Notes Arnica is a hardy perennial in the aster family (Asteraceae) which grows at elevation in the subalpine meadows and open… Continue Reading “Arnica”


Calendula officinalis Common Name: Calendula, marigold, pot marigold   Family: Asteraceae TCM Name: Jin zhan ju Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: flowers, ray florets Native To: South central Europe, North Africa Medicinal Notes Calendula is an annual in the aster family (Asteraceae) which is native to south central Europe North… Continue Reading “Calendula”

The Great Eight: Wildcrafting in Czechia part 2

There’s treasure everywhere. It only takes eyes to see, a heart open to receiving the gifts of nature and some knowledge with which to discern the way. In our neck of the woods, South Bohemia, treasure lies all around us. Here are the rest… Continue Reading “The Great Eight: Wildcrafting in Czechia part 2”

Himalayan Balsam

Dan, Rebekah, Roxie and I took a nature hike this weekend to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us as well as the gorgeous early autumn weather. It was clear, sunny and about 20 degrees all weekend. After a few weeks of gray skies and… Continue Reading “Himalayan Balsam”