Acupuncture: But, I hate needles!

Due to the worsening of my daughter Rebekah’s illness and the unnecessary amount of stress at my work, I have not felt well, mentally or physically, for a long while. Although I’m on a regular dose of St John’s Wort, a stress reducing tea I created called “Enhance Your Calm” and the occasional glass of wine, it has become quite apparent to me that I am in such a state as to require acute outside help.

We had a scare with Rebekah’s health this week that put a lot of things into perspective. I did not handle the situation well. After so many years in a consistent crisis mode the stress has built up within me to a point that I must do something drastic.

I have begun to see a psychologist who helps me look at my childhood, my thinking and why I feel stress and anxiety so often. He is straight with me and just the process of saying everything out loud to another person has helped me to become more self-aware and see what needs to be changed.

After Rebekah came home this week from hospital, I booked us both in with an acupunturist. It is indicated for her particular malady and I have read some compelling texts on its efficacy with stress and anxiety. I was a bit nervous as I had no idea what to expect, the interview would be conducted completely in Czech and my Czech is just adequate and I have usually fallen faint when faced with an injection or blood draw.

The acupuncturist looked as I had imagined, a bit of a cool hippy with a long ponytail. He was mild-mannered and seemed very patient and gentle. He was quite patient with my Czech and the interview went fine apart from me forgetting the word for “sweaty’. Rebekah came in and rescued me on that one.

Once settled in the procedure room, he began to insert the needles into my neck, back, hands and feet. It was not unpleasant at all, only one or two times did I feel a sharp pinch.  After being covered with a blanket, I lay there for about 30 minutes and felt some tingling at many of the insertion points and warmth radiating from them. It was very fine.

Upon his return, he carefully pulled the needles out and then put more into my forehead, wrists, knees, shins and ankles. There were a few spots here that made me gasp, but the pain was quickly over, replaced by a feeling that something was working, something was being done, unlocked, if I may. Another blanket-covered half hour passed.

There was a final consultation where he gave me some herbs, told me to rest and we made another appointment. He said that he planned three appointments and then there should be marked improvement.

I had planned to go to school and work all day on planning and preparation for the new school term. That was not going to happen. I felt so tired. Not just sleepy, exhausted. We went right home and I put on pyjamas and laid on the couch for the rest of the day. I felt heavy, sore at some of the points and incapable of focus or movement. Oh, and I cried on and off for several hours. It was as if a lock had been opened and now things meant to be hidden or shoved to the side were coming out. The stress of the last few weeks (years, really), the things I had stuffed down inside me, it was all surfacing.

I chose to embrace it. I cried, rested, drank lots of water and chilled on the couch watching movies with my girls.

The next day, I felt more put together, less breakable than I have in a while. The points above my kidneys are still a bit tender and I still feel a bit tired. But, I am really looking forward to my next session.

As far as my daughter goes, he recommended, in her delicate state, to start with bioresonance. I am researching this to see what its efficacy is for her issues. Does anyone have any experience with this? I would be glad to know your thoughts.

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