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Herbal How To: Making a Face Cream

Today I’m making a special order for a client. She requested a face cream with an SPF. I am adapting my Calendula Face Cream to have some sunscreen properties by adding St John’s Wort-infused almond oil. 1. Gather your supplies: infused oils, essential oil,… Continue Reading “Herbal How To: Making a Face Cream”

Tea To The Rescue

Today’s weather caused my daughter to have a migraine. Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium), our go-to herb for migraines and headaches, doesn’t work for my youngest. Matching herbs to people is an art as well as a science. After today’s research for a post about Self-heal… Continue Reading “Tea To The Rescue”


Calendula officinalis Common Name: Calendula, marigold, pot marigold   Family: Asteraceae TCM Name: Jin zhan ju Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: flowers, ray florets Native To: South central Europe, North Africa Medicinal Notes Calendula is an annual in the aster family (Asteraceae) which is native to south central Europe North… Continue Reading “Calendula”