Herbal How To: Making a Face Cream

Today I’m making a special order for a client. She requested a face cream with an SPF. I am adapting my Calendula Face Cream to have some sunscreen properties by adding St John’s Wort-infused almond oil.

1. Gather your supplies: infused oils, essential oil, shea butter, coconut oil, rose hydrosol, vitamin E, sauce pan, blender, measuring cups

2. Add together 1/2 cup calendula-infused almond oil, 1/4 plus 1/8 cup St John’s Wort-infused almond oil, 1/8 cup Balm of Gilead-infused almond oil in a double boiler on low heat

3. Add in 1/8 c shea butter
4. Add in 1/8 c coconut oil
5. Add in 1/8 c beeswax

6. Once the oils, wax and butters are incorporated, put them in a heat-proof container to cool until slightly solidified


7. Add together 1/4 c aloe vera gel

8. Add in 3/4 c rose hydrosol

9. Add in 10-15 drops vitamin E oil

10. Add in 25 drops lavender essential oil


11. Stir waters together

12. Put cooled oils into blender

13. Start blender on high until the oils create a vortex
14. Pour waters into vortex


15. Blend until mixture ‘chokes’


16. Scrape cream into a container

17. Label and refrigerate

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