Month: July 2017

Olive Oil: Natural Makeup Remover

Two days ago, we ran out of makeup remover. I buy the normal kind you can get anywhere. It’s a name brand, expensive and half-blue, half-clear liquid. It works well and I never thought about using anything else, until yesterday. I was trying on… Continue Reading “Olive Oil: Natural Makeup Remover”

Calendula Healing Salve

I grow tons of Calendula in my garden. Every day during summer, I harvest a basket of Calendula blossoms, dehydrate them and add them to my ever-growing jar of dried Calendula blooms. This jar (it’s huge) will serve all of our Calendula needs for… Continue Reading “Calendula Healing Salve”

Yarrow Tincture

This tincture can be used effectively to support a fever, in the instance of cold and flu and to put on a wound to prevent or treat infection. It is a great component to an Herbal First Aid Kit. Yarrow Tincture Yarrow stems, leaves… Continue Reading “Yarrow Tincture”

On the Spot Infection Care

Herbal salves and poultices often bring relief and healing from infections quickly and naturally. We will talk a lot about different herbal preparations and protocols for dealing with infections. Herbs are a daily part of our lives here in our family. Yesterday, one of… Continue Reading “On the Spot Infection Care”

Knit-Together Salve

This salve is an excellent choice for internal injuries. It takes full advantage of the healing constituents found in Comfrey (Symphytum officinale). Comfrey has been used and documented since the Middle Ages as an extraordinary internal healer. The Latin name Symphytum is a derivative… Continue Reading “Knit-Together Salve”

Comfrey to the Rescue

I move too fast. I think it’s because I feel like I have so many things to do and my body can’t keep up with my brain. This is why I grow Comfrey in my garden. Because I am constantly bumping into stuff…and banging… Continue Reading “Comfrey to the Rescue”

Herbal Remedy Workshop

If you live in České Budějovice or nearby, please join us for the first of many Herbal Seminars. This workshop will focus on herbal remedies for the summer season, specifically insect repellent and salves against bug bites. I will work with each participant, teaching… Continue Reading “Herbal Remedy Workshop”

Introducing: Adolf Jana

My  dear friend, Adolf Jana, is a nutritionist and practitioner of the Elementary Organ Theory. He is kind enough to be willing to share some of his insights into nutritional therapy from this Eastern perspective with us. In his own words: “Many people walk… Continue Reading “Introducing: Adolf Jana”

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Eastern medicine and 4 Advantages of Elementary organ theory  by Adolf Jána In the last article I wrote about the topic of physical balance, how to achieve it and how our senses are helping us keep this balance in order for us to stay healthy. Our balance… Continue Reading “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

Stings and Bites Salve

My Stings and Bites Salve is a go to for any type of insect sting, bug bite, splinter, infection, blister, boil or infected acne. It contains Plantain and Chamomile infused in olive oil, beeswax and lavender essential oil. The most active constituent is plantain… Continue Reading “Stings and Bites Salve”