On the Spot Infection Care

Herbal salves and poultices often bring relief and healing from infections quickly and naturally. We will talk a lot about different herbal preparations and protocols for dealing with infections.

Herbs are a daily part of our lives here in our family. Yesterday, one of my daughters had a small abscess due to picking repeatedly at a scab.  The skin had grown over the infection and it had started collecting pus in the opening underneath the fine layer of skin. Mind you, it is very small. A larger abscess should be seen by a doctor.

We applied a Yarrow poultice to the abscess several times during the day. Overnight, she applied Thyme Salve to the infected area. These are great on the spot topical resources for infections.

According to Herb Wisdom:

“Achillea millefolium, or yarrow, originates from Europe and has adapted to the regions of North America as well as other moderate regions. The word “Achillea” refers to Achilles, an ancient hero. He said that he used yarrow for himself and for his soldiers. It is where the Myth of Achilles’ Heel originates.

This herb plant was first used by ancient Greeks over 3,000 years ago for treating external wounds on the skin. The flowers and leaves of yarrow were eaten and also made into a tea-like drink. The fresh leaves were used to stop bleeding wounds, treat gastrointestinal problems, fight fevers, lessen menstrual bleeding and better circulation. The fresh leaves were also chewed on to relieve tooth aches. Scientists have credited yarrow for its benefits relating to almost every organ in the body.

Native Americans used yarrow for wounds, infections and bleeding. Chinese medicine gives it praise for the ability to affect the kidney, spleen, liver and energy channels throughout the body. Animal studies have also shown support for the use of yarrow in cleansing wounds and controlling the bleeding of wounds, cuts and abrasions. Yarrow has an antiseptic action. “

“The essential oils within thyme contain large amounts of thymol, which is a strong antibacterial agent as well as a strong antiseptic and antioxidant. The oil can be used within mouthwashes in order treat mouth inflammations as well as infections of the throat. Thyme is also used often within cough drops.”


Both Yarrow and Thyme serve us well as topical antiseptics. Internally, a tea from Yarrow and Mint or Sage and Thyme work wonderfully as a support for infection clearing.


Yarrow Poultice

watch this video for more information: Yarrow Healing Powder and Anti-Flu Tea 

Grind dried Yarrow plant to a fine powder.

Add drops of Yarrow Tincture until it forms a paste-like consistency.

Apply poultice to the affected area.

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