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Perfume 301

Humanity will be saved through the flower. -Huvenol Classification of Aromatherapy: Cosmetic aromatherapy: This therapy utilizes certain essential oils for skin, body, faceand hair cosmetic products. These products are used for theirvarious effects as cleansing, moisturizing, drying and toning. A healthy skin can be… Continue Reading “Perfume 301”


It’s been a long time since I’ve done yoga, maybe fifteen years. I used to really like doing yoga, it suited me and I remember my little girls bending, folding and stretching with me occasionally. I’ve talked before about how I battle with stress… Continue Reading “Yoga”

Enhance Your Calm Tea

This is my go to tea to remedy a stressful day, help me sleep or improve my mood. It is flavourful and relaxing. My clients enjoy this one a lot. Enhance Your Calm Tea 2 parts chamomile Matricaria chamomila 1 part lavender Lavandule angustifolia… Continue Reading “Enhance Your Calm Tea”

Acupuncture: But, I hate needles!

Due to the worsening of my daughter Rebekah’s illness and the unnecessary amount of stress at my work, I have not felt well, mentally or physically, for a long while. Although I’m on a regular dose of St John’s Wort, a stress reducing tea… Continue Reading “Acupuncture: But, I hate needles!”