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Organic- Is it just business or the first step to health? by Adolf Jana

Posted on September 26, 2017 by Adolf Jána Organic food is becoming more and more popular. The sections with organic food in supermarkets grow bigger and in some countries there are even all organic supermarkets. However, even though the popularity is rising, scientists keep arguing whether organic… Continue Reading “Organic- Is it just business or the first step to health? by Adolf Jana”

Introducing: Adolf Jana

My  dear friend, Adolf Jana, is a nutritionist and practitioner of the Elementary Organ Theory. He is kind enough to be willing to share some of his insights into nutritional therapy from this Eastern perspective with us. In his own words: “Many people walk… Continue Reading “Introducing: Adolf Jana”

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Eastern medicine and 4 Advantages of Elementary organ theory  by Adolf Jána In the last article I wrote about the topic of physical balance, how to achieve it and how our senses are helping us keep this balance in order for us to stay healthy. Our balance… Continue Reading “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”