Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Eastern medicine and 4 Advantages of Elementary organ theory

In the last article I wrote about the topic of physical balance, how to achieve it and how our senses are helping us keep this balance in order for us to stay healthy. Our balance or health is influenced to a big extent by our choices of food. This time I would like to focus on a more closer description of Elementary organ theory (EOT).

Common points of treatment practices

Different treatment methods have been developing together with humanity almost from the beginning of history. Probably the most prominent doctors in history were Hippocrates, Galen and Avicenna who contributed to the development of traditional treatment methods like Ancient Greek Medicine or Avicenna’s Four Temperament Medicine. In the East, also other approaches to medicine such as Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine were developing.

These traditional treatment practices have many common points but mainly the following three:

  1. Therapy is based on the findings of the state of the organism as a whole and not its separate parts (approach of modern medicine)
  2. Focus on prevention of diseases
  3. Treatment is usually done through foods and lifestyle changes

The common goal of traditional methods is to cure the person through regaining equilibrium of body components.

In the 1950s, Dr. Saber Multani revised Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine and proposed the Elementary Organ Theory. Today a growing number of practitioners treat their patients using this method. Additional 20 books and more than 100 papers which support the Elementary Organ Theory were also written by Dr. Saber Multani.

Four elements

From the point of view of EOT, the world around us – whether it is minerals, plants, animals or us ourselves – is made up of basic elements. These elements are the smallest particles which are not divisible anymore. Altogether there are four elements – fire, air, water and earth – each of which has a specific temperament, which is given by the physical characteristics of the particular element.

  • Fire – warm/dry
  • Air – warm/moist
  • Water – moist/cold
  • Earth – dry/cold

Four different organ systems are also connected to these elements mentioned above. Fire is connected to the liver and glandular system. The heart and muscle system is connected to airWater is connected to the brain and nerve system. The spleen and lymphatic system is connected to earth.

According to EOT, the cause of health problems is always connected with one of the main organs. The treatment is then given by prescribing foods and herbs if needed. By following specific diet we are helping the weakened organ to restore its function.

The body is gradually regaining the necessary balance. The more balanced the organism is the better it is able to activate mechanisms, which are needed for its optimal function and healing.

The health state is diagnosed mainly by feeling the pulse, because any mental or physical problems are reflected in our pulse and it is possible to feel it (e.g. the change of speed during stress or the change of rhythm as the result of disease). To help determine the health state, the examination of the tongue is also used. A urine sample can also be used to diagnose in some cases.

Causes of disease

Diseases can have two different causes. Either they are caused by physical or by mental imbalance. Whether the illness is caused one way or another it will manifest itself by malfunction of some organ or organ system.

From the point of view of EOT, all the diseases are divided according to which organ system is primarily affected. All the foods and herbs are also split in relation to which organs they support (nourish).

Different lifestyle changes such as exercise or meditation which help to relax the mind and clean up the body, can be recommended apart from the specific food list.

Advantages of EOT

Like other traditional methods, EOT looks at the human being as a whole and focuses mainly on treating the root cause of the problem. However, I consider the main advantages of EOT to be especially the following aspects:

  • The possibility of treating through foods and herbs, which are generally available – therefore you don’t need to use expensive supplements.
  • You are actively involved in treatment of sickness and have the option of influencing your health by the use of foods – you eat to become healthy.
  • The food list changes throughout time according to the needs of your body as conditions improve.
  • The diet is usually temporary, lasting only until you regain full health.

So whether you have acute (e.g. common cold, flu…) or chronic problems (e.g. allergies, asthma, diabetes, hypertension…), they can be treated or helped with this method.

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