Introducing: Adolf Jana

My  dear friend, Adolf Jana, is a nutritionist and practitioner of the Elementary Organ Theory. He is kind enough to be willing to share some of his insights into nutritional therapy from this Eastern perspective with us.

In his own words: “Many people walk in a vicious circle called pharmaceutical industry nowadays. They want to step out of it but they don’t know how to. They go from one checkup to another and keep taking prescription drugs. However, they don’t see any light in the end of a tunnel. Oftentimes even doctors don’t see any. When doctors start prescribing drugs after drugs everything gets only worse.

And prevention? It almost doesn’t exist.

It’s as if you beat around the bush.

But I think that there’s also a different way.

To start with we should look at a person as a whole and listen to what the body, mind and soul are saying.

Nevertheless, to achieve healing, cooperation of both sides is necessary. I will show you the path, support you and explain where the problem is and what to do about it. Afterwards you have to walk the path to recovery and balance.

Supplements are not part of the treatment. Nature already has everything necessary for our healing. If you have a feeling (or somebody tells you) that you need some supplements in order to keep your health, then something is wrong.

How is such system – where you regularly come to pick up drugs or supplements – different from the system of pharmaceutical industry which we complain about so much nowadays?”

You can find more on his blog: Adolf Jana Homepage

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