Month: March 2018

Cold First Aid Herbal Extract

During cold and flu season, it’s important to be prepared. This season, my whole family got the flu. It has been years since we have had the flu, and all of us at the same time, that has never happened. Thanks to preparedness and… Continue Reading “Cold First Aid Herbal Extract”

Saying Hello to Old Friends

I’m not my best self in winter. The gray days here last from October through March. The garden is covered in snow and ice, is brown and gray and mushy. Blech. No one lives in our neighbourhood in winter. Ok, they live in their… Continue Reading “Saying Hello to Old Friends”

Antibiotic Syrup

Just days before my eldest daughter was due to fly to Japan to work and create at an artists’ colony, she developed a painful toe infection. This very same day, my husband’s flu took a turn for the worse and he was complaining of… Continue Reading “Antibiotic Syrup”

Thyme Salve

Thyme is used quite often in our household. We use Thyme Cough Syrup to help with coughing, Clear Chest Salve as a chest poultice for a painful, hacking cough or if bronchitis is present, and as an antibacterial ointment for any infection. I drank… Continue Reading “Thyme Salve”

Herbal Energetics: Hot

If we can agree that a cucumber is moist and cooling while a chili pepper is hot and drying then we can see that we each have a unique combination of Hot, Dry, Cold and Damp, plants and humans alike. This last week in… Continue Reading “Herbal Energetics: Hot”

Basic Face Wash

I have been using the oil cleansing method on my face for months now. It has really worked well for me so far. I use hemp seed oil most often as it is really nutritive and non-comedogenic. My daughters and some of my clients have… Continue Reading “Basic Face Wash”

Elderberry Syrup

After the joy of picking the lacy elder flowers in late spring, comes the anticipation of juicy purple berries, hung heavy on delicate red stems. Elderberries, combined with spices and honey, make an incredible tonic for fall. Warding away the dryness and cold of… Continue Reading “Elderberry Syrup”

Acne Eraser Face Cream

Many of my best recipes have been inspired by family, friends and clients. This one was asked for by my friend. She wanted something that would hydrate and moisturise (see here for the difference between hydration and moisturisation) and that would relieve her acne… Continue Reading “Acne Eraser Face Cream”

Menstrual Woes: Part 1

Flooding. A.K.A. Menorrhagia It has happened to all of us. We wake up with blood-soaked underwear and our bed looks like a scene from The Godfather. Or, we stand up and then realise we have to change our pants. All women have at least… Continue Reading “Menstrual Woes: Part 1”

Herbal Energetics

One of the things that drew me to herbalism is the concept of connection. We are all connected, we are connected to our Creator, to each other and to the creation around us. When I go to the doctor, I don’t feel connected. I… Continue Reading “Herbal Energetics”