Saying Hello to Old Friends

I’m not my best self in winter. The gray days here last from October through March. The garden is covered in snow and ice, is brown and gray and mushy. Blech.

No one lives in our neighbourhood in winter. Ok, they live in their houses, but they don’t come out…ever.

My heart feels covered in ice and snow and I can’t find myself. I’m buried somewhere hibernating while my other self, the shell goes through the day living my life.

Today the sun came out. It wasn’t freezing outside. And I gardened…and gardened.

I felt the sun on my skin. I took my jacket and hat off.

I said hello to neighbours (people exist!) and I talked for over an hour to my next door neighbour and friend. We told each other that we had missed each other. Our houses share a wall, but we might as well have lived on other planets for these past five months.


I said hello to plant friends popping up out of the ground. Welcome back, Echinacea, valerian, mint, catnip, comfrey, rhubarb, tansy, bleeding heart, blueberry and so many others.

Welcome back, Krista.




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