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Verbascum thapsus Common Name: mullein, velvet plant, figwort, Jupiter’s staff, blanket herb   Family: Scrophulariaceae TCM Name: Jia Yan Ye Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: root, leaf, flower, flower stalk resin Native To: Native to Europe and North Africa, naturalised in North America Medicinal Notes Lyte (The Niewe Herball,… Continue Reading “Mullein”


Prunella vulgaris Common Name: All-Heal, Blue Curls, Brownwort, Brunelle, Brunelle Commune, Brunelle Vulgaire, Brunette, Carpenter’s Herb, Carpenter’s Weed, Charbonnière, Heal-All, Heart of the Earth, Herbe au Charpentier, Hercules Woundwort, Hock-Heal, Petite Consoude, Prunela, Prunella, Prunelle, Prunelle Vulgaire, Self Heal, Sicklewort, Siclewort, Slough-Heal, Woundwort   Family: Lamiaciae TCM Name: Xia Ku Cao Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: leaves, flowering tops Native To: Northern Hemisphere Medicinal Notes The plant has… Continue Reading “Self-heal”


 Achillea millefolium Common Name: bloodwort, common yarrow, carpenter’s weed, knight’s milfoil, noble yarrow, old man’s pepper, nosebleed and staunchgrass.   Family: Asteraceae TCM Name: Ya Luo Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: leaves, flowering tops, roots Native To: Northern Hemisphere Medicinal Notes “Thou pretty herb of Venus Tree Thy… Continue Reading “Yarrow”

Red Clover

Trifolium pratense Common Name: Beebread, Cow Clover, Meadow Clover, Miel des Prés, Purple Clover, Trebol Rojo, Wild Clover.   Family: Fabaceae TCM Name: Mu, Hsun Tsao Ayurvedic Name: Tripatra Parts Used: Flowers, leaves Native To:  Native to Europe, Central Asia, North Africa. Medicinal Notes The name “trifolium” derives form the… Continue Reading “Red Clover”

St John’s Wort

Hypericum perforatum Common Name: St John’s Wort, Tipton’s Weed, Chase-Devil, Klamath Weed, Touch and Heal, Goatweed Family: Hypericaceae TCM Name: Guan Ye Lian Qiao Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: Leaf, Flower Native To: Europe Medicinal Notes According to White Rabbit Institute of Healing: “St John’s… Continue Reading “St John’s Wort”


  Symphytum officinale Common Name: Comfrey, Knitbone, Bruisewort   Family: Boraginaceae TCM Name: N/A Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: Leaves and roots Native To:  Europe    Medicinal Notes According to The Pharmaceutical Journal: “Dioscorides’s ‘Materia medica’ is the oldest materia medica in Europe. Created at the same time as, but… Continue Reading “Comfrey”


Plantago ssp Common Name: plantain, white-man’s footprint, waybread, Englishman’s foot, fleawort, ribwort   Family: Plantageinaceae TCM Name: Che Qian Cao Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: Leaves and seeds Native To:  Europe and Asia   Medicinal Notes “And you, Waybread, mother of herbs, Open from the east, mighty… Continue Reading “Plantain”


  Tanacetum parthenium Common Name: Feverfew, bachelor’s button, febrifuge plant, wild chamomile, wild quinine   Family: Asteraceae TCM Name: Xiao bai ju Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: Flowers and (primarily) leaves  Native To: Balkan peninsula Medicinal Notes Feverfew is often cultivated in gardens for ornamental purposes. It… Continue Reading “Feverfew”


Arnica montana  Common Name: Arnica, leopard’s bane, wolfsbane, mountain tobacco   Family: Asteraceae TCM Name: N/A Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: Flowers Native To: Europe Medicinal Notes Arnica is a hardy perennial in the aster family (Asteraceae) which grows at elevation in the subalpine meadows and open… Continue Reading “Arnica”


Calendula officinalis Common Name: Calendula, marigold, pot marigold   Family: Asteraceae TCM Name: Jin zhan ju Ayurvedic Name: N/A Parts Used: flowers, ray florets Native To: South central Europe, North Africa Medicinal Notes Calendula is an annual in the aster family (Asteraceae) which is native to south central Europe North… Continue Reading “Calendula”