An Herbalist’s Toolbox: Vacuum Sealer

While none of these tools in my Herbalist’s Tool Box are necessary, there are many (all of them, really) that make a big difference to the quality of processing and the efficiency/convenience when having to make bigger batches or process a bulk of herbs.32331976_159205654922257_420044601798164480_n

The Vacuum Sealer

I have boxes and boxes of dried herbs which I store in alphabetised plastic crates. Until recently, I stored them in paper bags. This worked well, except for the issues of opened bags, space limitations, contamination of one herb to another and spillage.

My husband heard my concerns and brought home for me this vacuum sealer. It’s pretty decent, does the job and was inexpensive.

I like to be organised and efficient. It helps me to accomplish more in the limited time that I have.

Next to my dehydrator, I keep my vacuum sealer, extra rolls of vacuum seal bags, scissors and a permanent marker.



I prepare for vacuum sealing by cutting some strips off the roll and vacuum sealing an end.


As soon as the plant material has made its way out of the dehydrator, I pop it into the vacuum seal bag. This is horsetail (Equisetum).



It then gets vacuumed sealed. This takes about 30 seconds.


I label and date it and then pop it into its appropriate bin.

I am able to store so much more now, in a cleaner and fresher environment. As I use the herbs, if I don’t need all of what is in the bag, I just re-seal it and re-label it.

Since I have it set up right next to my dehydrator, it has become a part of this routine and has added only a couple of minutes to my processing procedure.

Update: The company that my husband works for, eujuicers and Sana products, is making a prototype vacuum sealer. I am very excited to test it and let you know the results. Until then, I am satisfied with my Razorri.

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