Herbal Workshop: Nature Walk


My first Nature Walk was a great success. My fellow Herbal Warriors and I had a great time together identifying medicinal plants and then making infused oils.




After spraying ourselves with Leave Me Alone! Insect Repellent (and some tick spray on our shoes, just to be safe), we headed out armed with plant identification cards that I made specific to this forest, bottled water, gloves and bags fro carrying our harvest.





The cards were really useful in aiding our identification of medicinal plants…even some toxic ones.





These lovely girls have found cleavers (Gallium aparine). Super fun!





It was lovely to be out in nature with like-minded people. We shared our personal experiences with these plants and enjoyed being among our fellow creation, humans and plants in synergy.



Afterwards, we were treated to Dan’s fresh-baked strawberry-rhubarb cobbler, all picked freshly that morning, complete with oat flakes he had specially ground for the crumble topping. Thanks, Dan!


Everyone got to choose herbs that we had seen on our walk to make an infused oil to take home. The herbs were ground up in our juicer and then olive oil was added.IMG-9868

Here are the identification cards I made for our Nature Walk. I should have put them in alphabetical order…this is on my to do list.

My next Nature Walk will highlight late summer plants.

Nature Walk 5.8nature walk guide 2nature walk guide 3nature walk guide 4nature walk guide 1

2 Comments on “Herbal Workshop: Nature Walk

  1. Several of those could be found here too. How funny that there are that many that I recognize. The native elderberries are the blue elderberries here, and they happen to be blooming now. Cleavers are not overly common, but I happened to find quite a bunch in an area that needed to be cleared of overgrowth. I might have mentioned that I will be clearing an area of stinging nettle next week. I did not even know it was there!


  2. I don’t think that our medicinal plants are too different, surely in the southwest desert clime there will be some difference. The huge separation is East Asian and on the southern hemisphere. That’s where the plants become unrecognisable to me.


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