It’s the simple things….

A tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) leaf, chive (Allium schoenoprasum) blossom and a flower stalk from Salvia caradonna…




I took a brief walk in my garden to think, relax and meditate before my Herbal Workshop last Sunday. I cut a few leaves here, a few flowers there and popped them into some old Coke bottles.  They look lovely on my simple wooden table.


2 Comments on “It’s the simple things….

  1. I know it is impolite to change the subject, but I was told that one of the seasonal chores is to remove the stinging nettle from around a pond! I did not even see it there! No one wants to do it, so of course I was asked. They were quite surprised that I want to do it. Stinging nettle is not as common as it was earlier. I know it will make a comeback, but for now, we do not see much of it.


  2. Do people in your area use stinging nettle? It is cherished here, both medicinally and gastronomically. The younger generation here is losing that knowledge, unfortunately.


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