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Krista’s Herbs: Loose Leaf Herbal Teas

Here is a look at my tea menu: Calm and Relaxation: Enhance Your Calm calms you after a stressful day chamomile, linden, rose petals, lavender, skullcap Keep Calm remedy for anxiety and stress chamomile, lemon balm, skullcap, catnip, st john’s wort, passionflower, mint Women’s… Continue Reading “Krista’s Herbs: Loose Leaf Herbal Teas”

Cough Be Gone Tea

During this recent flu, I had a dry, hacking, painful cough that left me with a sore back, abdomen and chest. The only thing that eased my suffering during this cough was my Cough Be Gone Tea. I make this up in big batches,… Continue Reading “Cough Be Gone Tea”

Respiratory Tissue States

The flu is pretty bad here in the Czech Republic. I guess it’s a bad flu everywhere this year. My husband and I finally succumbed this week. I haven’t been this sick in years. It started with fatigue, The next day came aches and… Continue Reading “Respiratory Tissue States”

Wrinkle Wrecker Face Cream

Some of my clients have been asking for a cream for mature skin. After doing some research on some of the properties of sea buckthorn, I developed this recipe. This is an excellent face cream for dry, aging or damaged skin. Be mindful that… Continue Reading “Wrinkle Wrecker Face Cream”

Say Goodbye to Dry Eyes

Sea Buckthorn makes another appearance!     During a client consultation last weekend, the subject of dry eyes came up. Actually, overall hydration was discussed. Both my husband and I wear contacts and I work long days. This is a recipe for eye disaster! Last… Continue Reading “Say Goodbye to Dry Eyes”

How to Hydrate

Water hydrates dehydrated skin and tissues, oil moistens or lubricates dry skin and tissues. Depending on what your body, skin and tissues need at that time, oil or water could be indicated. Without a protective oil barrier on your skin, dehydration could take place… Continue Reading “How to Hydrate”

Healing Herbal Salve: the miracle

It was the third day of my summer holidays. Teachers look forward to the holidays maybe even more than the students. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I was excited to spend it in my garden. I had no plans other than to… Continue Reading “Healing Herbal Salve: the miracle”

Natural Deodorant

I’m trying to treat my skin well. Not just because I am getting older, although I am…no stopping that process, but to maintain my health from the inside out and outside in. Recently, I have noticed that my typical deodorant bought at the drugstore… Continue Reading “Natural Deodorant”

Basic Body Wash

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. Imagine that everything rubbed on our skin is actually being ingested by our body. Would you change some of your beauty products if you had to eat them? Obviously, we don’t need to eat soap (unless we… Continue Reading “Basic Body Wash”

Hippocrates and the Oxymel

Oxymel:  A Medicinal Drink 2500 years ago, Hippocrates  prescribed oxymels, a mixture of honey and vinegar, to relieve acute symptoms of disease, tonify and support the body during stress or times of illness, to clear the respiratory tract and put the Humours in balance.… Continue Reading “Hippocrates and the Oxymel”