My Herbal First Aid Kit: Travel Edition

This is what we carry with us when we travel:

Arnica Salve for bumps, bruises and sprains

Hemp Salve for skin irritation and as a face moisturiser

Anti-Fungal Salve for any yeast or fungal infections and as a good antibacterial ointment

Lavender essential oil for insomnia, stress and shock after an accident or with severe illness

Yarrow Tincture for fever support and as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic for stomach cramps.

Yarrow Healing Powder  for any cut to stop the bleeding and clean the wound

Peppermint essential oil for any stomach issues

Echinacea Root tincture for immune boosting

Red Clover tincture as an antitussive for cough

Valerian Root tincture as a muscle relaxant for muscle cramping and insomnia

Thyme Salve as a powerful antibacterial

White Willow Bark tincture as a pain reliever

St John’s Wort tincture as an all around wound healer and help for a stressed-out psyche

Healing Herbal Salve as an all around topical wound healer

Headache Relief tincture for headaches and migrainesa

Stings and Bites Salve is beneficial for any stings, bites, splinters, blisters or pimples.

During cold and flu season: 

Cold Relief tincture for a progressing respiratory illness

Cold First Aid tincture to combat the onset of a cold or flu

Travelling to a foreign country:

Wormwood tincture to combat any intestinal parasites

Agrimony tincture to clear up diarrhea


All of this fits into a small rectangular sack about 15cm x 5cm x 5 cm. I never regret bringing these medicines with me. I only regret those that I don’t have on hand.

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