An Herbalist’s Toolbox: A Juicer

Grinding herbs
Grinding yarrow with our Sana 707 juicer

Ground herbs have a wide variety of uses. You can use them for seasonings, make your own teas, infuse them in oil for salves, even make your own herbal tinctures. In the past, I always used my big mortar and pestle or even scissors.  Recently, my husband asked me why I don’t use our juicer, since it has a screen for grinding herbs. I had seen him use it to make cashew butter and salsa, but never realized it could grind herbs as well. So I tried it, and really couldn’t believe the difference. Because it ground my herbs more finely, there is more surface area for the herbs to interact with the menstruum (the liquid: oil, alcohol etc…). I noticed it right away in my infused oils and salves, which were a much more vibrant color, thus denoting a more medicinal infusion.

herbs 2
Putting the ground herbs into a tea bag

We like to collect and dry our own herbs to make natural herbal teas. Some of the plants we gather and dehydrate that we use for tea include Echinacea, yarrow, comfrey, chamomile, mint, and nettles. I also noticed that my teas I made using the juicer were stronger, since the water could infuse more of the finely-ground herbs.

If you own a horizontal juicer, give it a try!

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