Month: September 2017

The Great Eight: Wildcrafting in Czechia part 1

There’s treasure everywhere. It only takes eyes to see, a heart open to receiving the gifts of nature and some knowledge with which to discern the way. In our neck of the woods, South Bohemia, treasure lies all around us. Here are the top… Continue Reading “The Great Eight: Wildcrafting in Czechia part 1”

Moje Psychologie (My Psychology) Magazine Article

  An American Herbalist in South Bohemia In 2007, Krista Coyan along with her husband and two young daughters sold their house in California and everything they owned to move to the Czech Republic to work as teachers on a two-year teaching assignment. Ten… Continue Reading “Moje Psychologie (My Psychology) Magazine Article”

An Herbalist’s Toolbox: A Juicer

Ground herbs have a wide variety of uses. You can use them for seasonings, make your own teas, infuse them in oil for salves, even make your own herbal tinctures. In the past, I always used my big mortar and pestle or even scissors.… Continue Reading “An Herbalist’s Toolbox: A Juicer”