Detox Tea: a powerful remedy for the overburdened body

I am telling you this story with my daughter Rebekah’s permission.

Rebekah has suffered from bi-polar disorder and borderline personality disorder for almost eight years. During this time, she has made a few suicide attempts. These have varied in their degree and method, but all have been equally scary for her and for us.

No parent should have to come home from work to their daughter about to drink all of her meds crushed up in a glass of water with the goal to end it all.

Rebekah has overdosed a couple of times.

One of those times she lied about how much she had taken. We stupidly, stupidly, did not take her to the hospital. Thinking the dose she took was not too bad, I gave her my detox tea to clean out her system. It was a miracle that she didn’t die. She took a fatal dose. Though the tea helped her, we should have taken her to the hospital. We should not have trusted her word about how much she had taken.

Herbs are powerful, but there are situations where a hospital or a doctor is the only right decision.

This past October, Rebekah had to go into the psychiatric hospital. This was a desperate attempt to get her the help she needs. It ended up being the right decision and she was able to get on new, more effective meds. During the time she was adjusting to her new meds, she took too many too close together. It was an accident, but that familiar fear reared up. It was not necessary this time to take her into hospital, her psychologist said the dose was not worrisome, but we administered many doses of the detox tea and it supported her liver to clear out the toxins.

Please, please remember to seek medical attention if you are ever unsure.

The Detox Tea is an amazing support for the body’s natural toxin-clearing systems. Supporting over ten systems within the body, it is powerful and should be titrated up according to your body’s reaction. It is drying, so be mindful of your own energetic constitution. Many of my clients use it to boost liver function, clear acne, improve the immune system’s functionality and relieve sluggishness.

Detox Tea: Cold and Dry

ingredients as well as the systems supported are listed

4 T dandelion leaf (kidneys)

3 T dandelion root (liver, gallbladder)

2 T burdock root (blood, liver, gallbladder)

3 T milk thistle seed (liver, gallbladder)

3 T cleavers (lymph, kidneys)

4 T lemon balm (digestive tonic, nervine)

4 T pau d’arco (blood, parasites)

4 T horsetail (kidneys, skin)

5 T red clover (blood)

2 T chickweed (lymph, colon)

2 T angelica root (liver, digestive tonic)

3 T yarrow (liver, gallbladder, blood, general tonic)

5 T nettle leaf (kidneys, blood, general tonic, nutritive)

4 T plaintain (skin, lungs, gastric system, internal healer, antiseptic)


1 T of the herbal mix Detox Tea per 1 cup of boiling water

Let steep for 10-15 minutes

Enjoy one cup a day or up to three cups for acute cases

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