A Cat in Repose

After quite a few months of grey days, my cat has found a sunny window in a warm room, curled up in a baby pomelo plant. Plants are healing and comforting to more than just humans.

5 Comments on “A Cat in Repose

    • It was grown from seed by a friend of mine and given to me two years ago as a seedling. Our climate won’t support it, I don’t think we’ll see it fruit. Any suggestions? I’m an herb girl, not much experience with fruit trees.

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      • That thorny juvenile growth lasts for a few years. Eventually, thorn production diminishes, until adult growth has only tiny barely bothersome thorns. It can then bloom. However, it probably will not want to bloom inside as a houseplant. Unfortunately, pomelos want to be outside in the warmth, and do not like to be potted. It is not practical to expect fruit from it. If it does make fruit, it would look nice, but probably would not get very big or fully ripen. Your tree seems to be quite healthy. There is no reason why it could not be grown as a houseplant with nice glossy foliage. You might want to clip the thorns off. As the tree matures, you will probably want to prune the limber growth back. It would need that even out in the garden. The stems tend to be floppy.


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