Skin Care for Every Complexion

I was afraid the first time I made a face cream. It seems counter-intuitive to mix an oil and a water together expecting some other thing to appear, as if by magic. I felt like an alchemist.

When I poured the waters into the churning oils in the blender and magically cream was formed, I was super excited. And blown away by how easy it is.

Now I have a range of face creams that I love, people who use them are finding them very helpful for their skin and I never have to go out and buy skin creams. I just refill my jar form my stock of creams. It is pretty cool.

I am teaching a workshop next month on how to make face creams. I’d like to demystify it and show those interested that they too can make face cream in their own kitchen.

The recipes are linked. Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions. It is super simple and I have already made tons of mistakes and learnt tricks to make it excellently each time.

Wrinkle Wrecker Face Cream: An excellent cream for mature, dry or very damaged skin. (sea buckthorn, poppy seed oil, geranium oil)

Acne Eraser Face Cream: A soothing, healing and preventative cream for those with eczema, acne and rosacea. (hemp seed oil, skull cap, hazelnut oil)

Calendula Face Cream: This is the one I use every day, morning and night. It is healing and soothing. I love it! (calendula, almond oil)

Chamomile Face Cream: This one is great for sensitive skin that is easily irritated. It is very soothing and calming. (chamomile, almond oil)

I am eager to come up with new recipes and would love any new ideas.

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