Tea To The Rescue: Update

Roxie’s migraine really started about two weeks ago and varies in intensity during the day. The last three days she has been on Roxie’s Migraine Tea and it seems to be helping. She drinks about 4-5 cups a day of the blend and a straight Self-heal tea during acute migraines.

We will keep working with this blend. It seems to be doing the trick for now.

2 Comments on “Tea To The Rescue: Update

  1. This is a new weed here that I have not experience with. I have had no use for it, but I would like to get acquainted with it just in case there is use for it later. It is not spreading too aggressively, but there are certain spots that it must be eliminated from.


  2. I kept my husband from mowing this week so I could harvest it from patches in our yard. It was making him crazy to see our lawn looking so unkempt…I have visions of letting the self heal take over our whole yard…I’m not sure that would fly with my husband.


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