The Design Process

Something that sets my herbal remedies apart is the connection they have with my daughter Rebekah. I began my herbalism journey in order to find a natural path of healing for her and her serious health issues (read more here) and she has partnered with me in designing my labels as well as illustrating all of the designs.

I wanted to share with you the design process. It is truly a delight to watch.

Step 1: We talk together about the remedy, its name, the ingredients and what it is for. She asks some questions, I give a few ideas and then she’s off to do a pencil mock-up.


Step 2: Once I’ve approved the designs and she’s made any necessary corrections, she moves on to inking the designs. Typically, she inks in the remedy titles first. I love this part, it’s like watching them come to life.

And more inking….


Step 3: Once the inking is done, she moves on to colouring. Using high-quality coloured pencils, she breathes life into the designs.


Step 4: Final look at the new batch of labels!


Step 5: My youngest daughter Roxie is also a valuable part of my herbal business. She is in charge of formatting and processing the digital images in order to get them ready to go to the printer.

Step 6: Rebekah then takes the digital images and gets them printed on waterproof, removable sticker paper.

Step 7: The mind-numbing task of cutting out the labels often goes as well to Rebekah. Binge watching a TV show goes well with this task.

Step 8: Filing away the pre-cut labels along with their ingredients stickers and keeping it all organised is super important.

Step 9: Affixing the labels on to new products. I am so proud of Rebekah and her designs!

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