Herbalism 101: Lesson 1

The plants have enough spirit to transform our limited vision.

-Rosemary Gladstar

Activity 1: Seeing
  • Identify three herbs that grow in your area or you are familiar with already.
  • Read their monographs online or on Kristas Herbarium. (What’s a monograph?)
  • Read sample monographs on kristasherbarium.com-Herbalist’s Workshop-Monographs
  • Sample monograph of Calendula
Activity 2: Touching, Smelling, Tasting, Hearing
  • Find these herbs outside, in a shop, dried or fresh
  • Depending on the herb (consult with Krista if you are unsure), make tea with each herb.
  • Note: the taste of each herb (salty, sweet, sour, bitter, acrid)
  • Read:energetics
  • Listen to how your body feels: warm (think peppers) or cold (think mint), dry (think dry biscuits) or moist (think cucumbers)
  • Make a chart of your herbs and their taste, energetics
Activity 3: Practice-Make an infused oil
  • Choose Lavender or Chamomile
  • You will need 50 grams of dried herb, a clean glass jar, olive oil
  • Follow the infused oil recipe
  • Wait 4 weeks….
Followup with Krista:
  • Send me pictures of your teas, oil and herb chart
  • Contact me with any questions

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