Herbalism 101: Lesson 3

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.


Activity 1: Seeing
Plant Families: Apiaceae
  • Read this article on the Apiaceae family.
  • List all the plants in the Apiaceae family that you use regularly and why.
  • Choose three plants from the Apiaceae family that interest you. Read their monographs online.
  • Make three monographs, one for each of your herbs, draw a colour picture of each of your herbs to add into the monograph; include seed, flower and root if possible.
  • Answer these questions: Which medicinal actions would you benefit from in these plants? How could you use them to aid in your health (e.g. as a tea, in food)?
  • Pick 5 more medicinal actions to familiarise yourself with.
Activity 2: Touching, Smelling, Tasting, Hearing
  • Getting to know plants in the Apiaceae family.
  • We will use cilantro (plant and seed), fennel (plant and seed) and parsley. If possible, find them fresh outside or in shops.
  • Note the shape of their stems, the shape of their leaves. Note the similarities and differences.
  • Rub their leaves between your fingers and inhale deeply. Note the aromatic similarities and differences. (Have coffee or coffee beans nearby to inhale inbetween to cleanse your olfactory system)
  • Taste each one and note their similarities and differences. (You can use lemon or ginger to cleanse your palate)
  • Make teas with the fennel seed and coriander seed. List their medicinal actions.
  • Note: How each makes you feel when you inhale their aromas and their energetics as you taste them.
Activity 3: Practice-Making an Herbal Salve
  • Gather ingredients for the Herbal Salve recipe.
  • Watch this video before making the salve.
  • Make the salve.
  • Write the medicinal actions of your chosen herbs for the salve. How will you use this salve for healing?
  • If desired, make labels for your salve.
Poisonous Plants: Poison Hemlock
  • Read this article on Poison Hemlock.
  • List the differences between wild carrot and poison hemlock.
  • Read the effects of poison hemlock.

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