Fever Doctor Tea

Our bodies know what they need and are fully equipped under the right circumstances to heal themselves. Having said this, we do not live in ideal situations and often our bodies are overtaxed, worn out, under-nourished, stressed, dehydrated, exhausted, blocked up or suffering from a thousand other maladies that keep the body from recovering as it should. Herbs support a body’s natural instinct to regenerate.

Most of the time our body knows what it is doing, but we suppress its work because we are uncomfortable or we have been told that it is bad for us to have, for example, a fever.

When talking about fevers, we have to look at what the body is trying to do. If your body is heating up, it means that it has identified something unwanted and is trying to get rid of it by “cooking it out”. This is a process that should be encouraged. Obviously, there is a limit to how high a fever should get and how many days one should have a sustained fever. If you have a really high fever or are not seeing any improvement after three days, you should definitely see your doctor.

When we are uncomfortable it is only natural to want the discomfort to go away. In America, it is normal for us to take medicine to get rid of a fever. This is only suppressing what the body knows it should do, thus delaying true recovery.

This tea formula works with your body’s fever response, encourages a fever while addressing the uncomfortable symptoms, decreasing recovery time in a way that works with your body, not against it.

Fever Doctor Tea

1 part dried and ground Yarrow leaves and flowers
1 part dried and ground Mint leaves and stems
1 part dried and ground Elderflowers
Use a heaping tablespoon per cup of tea.

Allow the tea to steep covered for 10 minutes or longer.

Drink up to 5 times a day during an acute illness or two to three times a day as a preventative measure against colds and flu.

IMG_6598Medicinal Actions:

During a fever, Yarrow acts as a powerful diaphoretic (fever supporter), antimicrobic and analgesic (pain relief).

Mint is a gentle diaphoretic, helping the natural system of fever to kill off vieruses and bacteria. It is a nervine, calming anxiety and tension. It is antibacterial and antiseptic and active against a wide range of bacteria.

Elderflower supports the immune system. The flowers are contain powerful antiviral and antimicrobials, they eliminate toxins and heat, drawing heat out from the periphery. They are anti-inflammatory and protect against irritation and stress with their antispasmodic and astringent actions.

This tea is a must have for cold and flu season and is an excellent support, decreasing the duration and severity of colds and flus as well as supporting the body’s natural fever response.

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