Pyramid of Healing

Topical salves or ointments are some of the best herbal remedies in my herbal arsenal.

They are easy to use, non-invasive and really healing, powerful and effective. The comforting aspect of a balm or salve aids in the healing process and is a great introductory herbal remedy for the more skeptical client (or family member).

Every Herbal First Aid Kit should have at least a few salves. Pictured are some of my most highly recommended:

Healing Herbal Salve: All-around superstar healing salve for any wound. (St John’s Wort, calendula, comfrey, plantain)

Fungi Foe Salve: Great anti-fungal and antibacterial salve gentle enough for all your intimate bits. (Oregano, calendula)

Knit Together Salve: Excellent healer for internal injuries such as sprains, broken bones and muscle tears. (comfrey)

Bye Bye Bruise Salve: Perfect to heal and possibly prevent bruising. This one is amazing to watch work! The sooner you get it on the bump, the more effective it is. (arnica)

Calendula Salve: An excellent skin healer, wound healer, scar repairer and overall comforting, healing salve. (calendula)

Clear Chest Salve: A powerhouse for helping to clear up respiratory distress and infection. A must have for cold and flu season. (white horehound, thyme, sage)

Thyme Salve: Particularly useful when dealing with infection of any kind. (thyme)



Photo credit: Zeinep Yessenbekova

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