Detox Tea: Warm and Moist

In my last post about Detox Teas, I talked about a detox tea that has really worked for our family and many of my clients. Given the information about plant energetics and how plants and people should be matched according to compatible or opposite energetics to support balance, we know that there is not one solution to every problem.

One of my friends, Adolf Jana, tried my detox tea and found it too cooling and drying. His normal constitution is already cool/dry and this tea exacerbated this and put him out of balance.

Adolf works with clients using nutritional therapy. He sometimes prescribes my teas for clients needing herbal support.

He asked me to reformulate my Detox Tea for one of his clients so that it would be more warming and moistening. Here is the result of that challenge:

Detox Tea: Warm and Moist

Listed next to the herbs are the systems, organs or actions which they influence.

3 parts Chamomile (nervous, digestive, excretory, cardiovascular, integumentary)

2 parts Hyssop (liver, blood, respiratory)

2 parts fennel seed (diuretic, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular)

2 parts Plantain (integumentary, blood, excretory)

1 part Burdock (integumentary, blood, diuretic, lymphatic)

1 part Angelica (liver, digestive, tonic)

1 part Licorice (adrenal, digestive, tonic, respiratory)

1 part Chickweed (blood, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant)

1 part Cinnamon (blood, antioxidant, cardiovascular)



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