Calling All Arborists

While out harvesting, I came upon this unusual Tamarack (?) Larch (thanks, Tony!). I saw several people gathering the succulent baby cones. I wondered for what purpose they could be used.

I am no expert on trees, apart from the few that I use regularly in my herbal remedies. For this, I must rely upon Tony Tomeo. Tony, Can you help me identify this unusual yet ubiquitous (in one part of our forest) conifer? And perhaps shed some light on the uses of their cones?


2 Comments on “Calling All Arborists

  1. Larix decidua cones of the European larch supposedly have herbal applications, but I do not know what they are used for. They are used to flavor some sort of liqueur. I have never met this specie of larch, and the only North American larch here are far up north, so I really do not much about them. I am sorry that I have no information for you.


  2. So, Larch, eh? Ok, I’ll do some digging around. Homemade liquor is super popular here, so I imagine the cones are being used for that. Thanks so much, Tony, for the info! I appreciate it!


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