Perfume 501

Make me a fragrance that smells like love.

-Christian Dior

Creating a personal blend step-by-step is easy. And difficult. But, mostly easy.

Here’s how I do it.

Step 1: Choose some essential oils that you like.
  • Look at Michael Edwards’ Fragrance Wheel to see what combines well together.
  • Take a look at Perfume 201 to see what oils fall into what categories.
  • Put the oils into small groups that would go well together.

After choosing the oils you would like to work with:

Step 2: Experiment with different scents
  • Start combining the oils gradually over three or four cotton pads.
  • Keep a record of each mixture.
  • Let the scent mature over two or three days.

My Experiment #1:

  • 1– Ravensara (2 drops), Lavender (1 drop)
  • 2– Ravensara (1 drop), Lavender (2 drops), Rosemary (1 drop)
  • 3– Ravensara (1 drop), Lavender (2 drops), Rosemary (2 drops)

Once you have discovered your favourite base scent:

Step #3: Combine your favourite base according to blending factors
  • Take note of its blending factor.
  • Add the oils together on a cotton pad according to blending factors.
  • Allow the scent to mature over a day or two and test.
Step #4: Adjust the recipe according to your wishes
  • Add one drop of a single oil at a time.
  • Take note of the new blend.
  • Test after two days.
  • Repeat the process until you are satisfied with your blend.

My Experiment #2

  • Blending factors- Lavender (7), Ravensara (5), Rosemary (4-5) (These scents are well-matched)
  • Test #1: Lavender (4), Ravensara (5), Rosemary (4)
  • Test #2: Lavender (3), Ravensara (6), Rosemary (5)

After you have refined your recipe:

Step #5: Bottle your new scent
  • Choose a carrier oil (I recommend sweet almond, jojoba, fractionated coconut or grape seed oils)
  • Choose a container ( I recommend a 10 ml roller bottle)
  • Add your blend of essential oils to the bottle (double the recipe for a much stronger scent)
  • Fill the bottle with your carrier oil
  • Shake well

Krista’s Herbs Healing Focus Blend

This blend is rejuvenating and grounding. It helps you wake up and keeps you firmly focused on the here and now. I use this in the mornings here (at the time of this writing, I am still in hospital) as a refreshing wake up and whilst working on my articles as a focus blend. This can also be used to regulate blood pressure and on the chest and under the nose as support for a weakened repiratory system, in general it is good for the immune system.

Healing Actions:
  • Lavender (Lavandula officinalis): sedative, mental health support, anti-anxiety, antibacterial, antifungal, vulnerary, calms headaches, used for pain management, immunostimulant, support for menstrual issues
  • Ravensara (Ravensara aromatica): antiviral, immunostimulant, supports the respiratory system, antiviral, anti-infection, nervine, antidepressant, expectorant, relaxant, analgesic
  • Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis): digestive, liver tonic, regulates blood pressure, eases rheumatic pain, nervine, improves cognitive function, elevates mood, skin tonic, relieves menstrual cramps, promotes hair growth

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