Aroma Buddies

In hospital, I have the opportunity to do arts and crafts. It is a bit like kindergarten, but totally therapeutic. Ceramics is my favourite and I go there four times a week. It has been very healing for me to work with my hands.

My ceramic owls that will be mounted in some of our trees in our garden

So far, I’ve made: owls, bowls, a cake stand, jug, outdoor signs and Aroma Buddies.

Today’s Arts and Crafts Project: Aroma Buddies

I had some leftover clay and a few minutes left for arts and crafts, so I decided to make something I had been thinking about: Aroma Buddies.

They are unglazed ceramic cutouts that will diffuse your essential oils and oil blends.

How to use an Aroma Buddy:

  • Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil or oil blend to your Aroma Buddy.
  • You can hang them in your closet or wardrobe
  • Leave them out on a table
  • On a sunny windowsill
  • Pop them on a heater for a faster more intense dispersion of aroma

On a heater or stove top is ideal
The oil doesn’t leave a mark! I was super surprised by this…

I highly recommend them and am happy to send you some, or you can stop by Krista’s Herbarium in Zbudov.

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