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Lactation Tea

Ah, the joy of suckling! She lovingly watched the fish-like motions of the toothless mouth and she imagined that with her milk there flowed into her little son her deepest thoughts, concepts, and dreams. Milan Kundera, Life is Elsewhere My clients come to me… Continue Reading “Lactation Tea”

There’s No Place Like Home

The last time I was home was six weeks ago. It didn’t go well. I was stressed and anxious the whole time. I regretted coming home and I made my family stressed and bummed. I felt fearful and uneasy. I wanted to go back… Continue Reading “There’s No Place Like Home”

Facial Serum

One of my favourite things to do is make oils with our oil extractor. It is like watching a miracle. Putting seeds or nuts into the hopper and then watching the oil come out is an amazing process. And then, to have fresh, cold-pressed… Continue Reading “Facial Serum”


Translated by Dana Lebedova Pokaždé, když si chci vyčistit pokožku obličeje, to vypadá takto: Vytlačím z plastové láhve gel a umyji si obličej. Poté z plastové tuby vymačkám peeling a z obličeje odstraním odumřelé kožní buňky. Po sprchování vyndám z plastové dózy zvlhčovací krém… Continue Reading “MUDDY BUDDIES”


Translated by Dana Lebedova Zelená země sesílá své kadidlo. Z mnoha jediná horská svatyně; Ze složeného listu a oroseného šálku nalévá své posvátné víno.John Greenleaf Whittier Miluji pálení kadidla. Cítím, že to povznáší moji náladu, odlehčuje mého ducha a poskytuje mipřízemní atmosféru. Kromě toho… Continue Reading “CO JE AROMATICKÉ HOJENÍ?”


Translated by Dana Lebedova (thanks, Dana!) Aktuálně jsem v nemocnici. Nervově jsem se zhroutila.  Po traumatech z dětství a mnoha letech nekonečného stresu a utrpení, které nabývalo na intenzitě jsem se rozpadla … na kousky. Začátkem tohoto týdne jsem měla silnou vizi: Byla to… Continue Reading “UMĚNÍ JIZEV”

Aroma Buddies

In hospital, I have the opportunity to do arts and crafts. It is a bit like kindergarten, but totally therapeutic. Ceramics is my favourite and I go there four times a week. It has been very healing for me to work with my hands.… Continue Reading “Aroma Buddies”

Plant Families

The first step in wisdom is to know the things themselves; this notion consists in having a true idea of the objects; objects are distinguished and known by classifying them methodically and giving them appropriate names. Therefore, classification and name-giving will be the foundation… Continue Reading “Plant Families”

A Quiet Place

A strong vision came to me today, clear and colourful and alive: When my consciousness arrives, I’m laying on a soft green bed of moss. With eyes still closed, I notice the sounds of birds and insects. There is a cacophany of sound, yet… Continue Reading “A Quiet Place”

Psych Ward Fun Facts #1

Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary. – Fred Rogers Even though I have some second hand experience because of my… Continue Reading “Psych Ward Fun Facts #1”