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Detox Tea: a powerful remedy for the overburdened body

I am telling you this story with my daughter Rebekah’s permission. Rebekah has suffered from bi-polar disorder and borderline personality disorder for almost eight years. During this time, she has made a few suicide attempts. These have varied in their degree and method, but all… Continue Reading “Detox Tea: a powerful remedy for the overburdened body”

Herbal First Aid Kit: Home Edition

  Here is look at what is in our main First Aid Kit at home:   Digestion: For an upset belly Rosemary Tincture, Peppermint Tea, Fennel Seeds, Ginger Syrup, Peppermint Oil, Yarrow Tincture For Constipation Yellow Dock Tincture, Licorice Root Tea Allergy: Nettle Tea, Agrimony… Continue Reading “Herbal First Aid Kit: Home Edition”

Stings and Bites Salve

Stings and Bites Salve

Clear Chest Salve

During a serious cold or flu, under the right circumstances, things can take a turn for the worse. The flu settles in your chest and you have a decidedly unpleasant cough that crackles, barks and is painful and exhausting. It is important that you… Continue Reading “Clear Chest Salve”

Echinacea Throat Spray

During cold and flu season it is important to take care of comfort and avoid secondary infections. This spray is a champion on both counts. We have been using this spray for many years in my family. It is adapted from a recipe in… Continue Reading “Echinacea Throat Spray”

Echinacea Tincture

           Echinacea has been the subject of extensive research for many decades. Lauded for many years as the go to cold and flu prevention plant, comprehensive research has confirmed that “Echinacea raises the body’s natural resistance to infection by stimulating… Continue Reading “Echinacea Tincture”

Fever Doctor Tea

Our bodies know what they need and are fully equipped under the right circumstances to heal themselves. Having said this, we do not live in ideal situations and often our bodies are overtaxed, worn out, under-nourished, stressed, dehydrated, exhausted, blocked up or suffering from… Continue Reading “Fever Doctor Tea”

Skin Solution Salve

My husband Dan’s face is in the sun constantly. For decades he has been hiking, biking and running every day outside no matter the weather. About 10 years ago, some spots showed up on his face that were sore, would peel and bleed. We… Continue Reading “Skin Solution Salve”

Poppy Seed Oil

Recently, I have written about makeup removal using olive oil. It has been working great and I truly believe that I won’t be buying makeup remover again. On our trip to Kiev, my husband had a business meeting with a partner in the company… Continue Reading “Poppy Seed Oil”

Headache Relief

The past week or so here in the Czech Republic has seen a large amount of thunderstorms and with them barometric pressure changes and headaches all around. My youngest daughter and I suffer the most with actual migraines, complete with nausea and light sensitivity,… Continue Reading “Headache Relief”