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The Great Eight: Wildcrafting in Czechia part 1

There’s treasure everywhere. It only takes eyes to see, a heart open to receiving the gifts of nature and some knowledge with which to discern the way. In our neck of the woods, South Bohemia, treasure lies all around us. Here are the top… Continue Reading “The Great Eight: Wildcrafting in Czechia part 1”

Moje Psychologie (My Psychology) Magazine Article

  An American Herbalist in South Bohemia In 2007, Krista Coyan along with her husband and two young daughters sold their house in California and everything they owned to move to the Czech Republic to work as teachers on a two-year teaching assignment. Ten… Continue Reading “Moje Psychologie (My Psychology) Magazine Article”

An Herbalist’s Toolbox: A Juicer

Ground herbs have a wide variety of uses. You can use them for seasonings, make your own teas, infuse them in oil for salves, even make your own herbal tinctures. In the past, I always used my big mortar and pestle or even scissors.… Continue Reading “An Herbalist’s Toolbox: A Juicer”

Stings and Bites Workshop

Our Stings and Bites Workshop was really fun! It was really awesome meeting some new people who want to learn how to take their health into their own hands. We enjoyed making the Stings and Bites Salve and the Leave Me Alone! Repellent  together,… Continue Reading “Stings and Bites Workshop”

Poppy Seed Oil

Recently, I have written about makeup removal using olive oil. It has been working great and I truly believe that I won’t be buying makeup remover again. On our trip to Kiev, my husband had a business meeting with a partner in the company… Continue Reading “Poppy Seed Oil”

My Herbal First Aid Kit: Travel Edition

This is what we carry with us when we travel: Arnica Salve for bumps, bruises and sprains Hemp Salve for skin irritation and as a face moisturiser Anti-Fungal Salve for any yeast or fungal infections and as a good antibacterial ointment Lavender essential oil for insomnia, stress… Continue Reading “My Herbal First Aid Kit: Travel Edition”

Traveller’s Belly


This summer has seen us travelling quite a bit. We have been to a three-day outdoor music festival in Tabor called Mighty Sounds , Berlin for a girls’ trip and, right now, Dan and I are in Kiev for business and sightseeing. At the music festival were… Continue Reading “Traveller’s Belly”

Olive Oil: Natural Makeup Remover

Two days ago, we ran out of makeup remover. I buy the normal kind you can get anywhere. It’s a name brand, expensive and half-blue, half-clear liquid. It works well and I never thought about using anything else, until yesterday. I was trying on… Continue Reading “Olive Oil: Natural Makeup Remover”

Comfrey to the Rescue

I move too fast. I think it’s because I feel like I have so many things to do and my body can’t keep up with my brain. This is why I grow Comfrey in my garden. Because I am constantly bumping into stuff…and banging… Continue Reading “Comfrey to the Rescue”

Herbs On The Go

When our family travels I take along an herbal first aid kit. It has most of the things we might need: Echinacea tincture, yarrow powder, thyme salve, plasters. Nevertheless, there are sometimes when we are caught without our first aid kit, or simply don’t… Continue Reading “Herbs On The Go”