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The Plantain Primer

Thank you to Ian Opal Kesling at Herbrally for this compendium of Plantain uses: For drawing blisters/pimples to a head, or drawing foreign objects from the skin: plantain leaf and piñon resin warm-infused in oil. For minor cuts/scrapes/burns: plantain leaf, comfrey leaf, and calendula flower infused… Continue Reading “The Plantain Primer”

Scutellaria baicalensis: help for problem skin

My daughter came home the other day with a new, expensive face cream to help with skin outbreaks. It costs about 20 USD for a 50 ml tub. The active ingredient is Chinese Skullcap Scutellaria baicalensis root powder. I make my own face washes and… Continue Reading “Scutellaria baicalensis: help for problem skin”

Detox Tea: a powerful remedy for the overburdened body

I am telling you this story with my daughter Rebekah’s permission. Rebekah has suffered from bi-polar disorder and borderline personality disorder for almost eight years. During this time, she has made a few suicide attempts. These have varied in their degree and method, but all… Continue Reading “Detox Tea: a powerful remedy for the overburdened body”

Two simple changes I wish I learned 5 years ago

This is an article I wrote with my husband for There is medicine all around us! I’ve always loved the outdoors. For me, there is nothing better than a warm summer afternoon working in my garden accompanied by the buzzing of the busy… Continue Reading “Two simple changes I wish I learned 5 years ago”

Acupuncture: But, I hate needles!

Due to the worsening of my daughter Rebekah’s illness and the unnecessary amount of stress at my work, I have not felt well, mentally or physically, for a long while. Although I’m on a regular dose of St John’s Wort, a stress reducing tea… Continue Reading “Acupuncture: But, I hate needles!”

The Great Eight: Wildcrafting in Czechia part 2

There’s treasure everywhere. It only takes eyes to see, a heart open to receiving the gifts of nature and some knowledge with which to discern the way. In our neck of the woods, South Bohemia, treasure lies all around us. Here are the rest… Continue Reading “The Great Eight: Wildcrafting in Czechia part 2”

Himalayan Balsam

Dan, Rebekah, Roxie and I took a nature hike this weekend to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us as well as the gorgeous early autumn weather. It was clear, sunny and about 20 degrees all weekend. After a few weeks of gray skies and… Continue Reading “Himalayan Balsam”

Herbal First Aid Kit: Home Edition

  Here is look at what is in our main First Aid Kit at home:   Digestion: For an upset belly Rosemary Tincture, Peppermint Tea, Fennel Seeds, Ginger Syrup, Peppermint Oil, Yarrow Tincture For Constipation Yellow Dock Tincture, Licorice Root Tea Allergy: Nettle Tea, Agrimony… Continue Reading “Herbal First Aid Kit: Home Edition”

Harvesting Red Clover

Yesterday, the family and I hiked to a meadow replete with Red Clover. I use Red Clover in many of my recipes: Skin Solution Salve, Detox Tea, Red Clover Tincture and many more. On the way, we got to see a lizard, a hornet… Continue Reading “Harvesting Red Clover”

eujuicers magazine article

eujuicers magazine article